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Welcome To Clean Current

We are the international suppliers of industrial equipment for Hydal Energy. We offer highly advanced and green turbines for the most advanced hydel energy projects.



We provide the best quality hydel project equipment and machine parts in the industry.



We create the best performing industrial equipment for hydel projects for our worldwide network.



Our designs are built to provide safety and durability to hydel power projects around the world.

Working Principles and Output Power



Our advanced design system is built to address the compatibility and performance of the power plants.



We have been a supplier of hydel power equipment for over 50 years to provide the safest measures to the industry.


Turbines Output Power

Our manufactured turbines are built to last long while providing an eco-friendly measure for the sustainability of the environment.

Hydrodynamic Features

We are now introducing smart small-scale hydel energy projects that will provide remote areas around the world with the best technology available.

Hydrokinetic Advantages


Our eco-friendly measures are approved by the industrial standards as safe. We are converting renewable energy into an advanced and much more powerful solution.

Emission Free

Our designs are meant to reduce the pollution in the air and water. Our emission-free machines are built to work entirely on renewable energy.


Clean current is a trusted brand in the industry for 50 years with a reputation to never fail in the delivery of our equipment.



We also take custom orders now to create smart solutions for big and small hydel power projects.

“Connect with us today to receive a free consultation for your requirements. We will connect you to our best agents who will find the right estimate for your projects. “

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