Clean Current


Clean Current Power Systems was a pioneer in the development of hydrokinetic turbines. After 14 exciting years in this nascent industry, Clean Current Power Systems Incorporated is exiting gracefully. All obligations to employees, suppliers and business partners have been met and the Company will be wound down in an orderly way.

Clean Current’s technical team advanced the science of operating in one of the most hostile environments and produced 64 US and international patents worldwide in the areas of ducted turbine design, flooded fault tolerant permanent magnet generator design and protective marine coating technology.

On behalf of all the staff at Clean Current, we would like to thank you for your contributions to our successes and we wish you well.

Turbines Designed for Hostile Marine Conditions – After over 14 years of R&D, Clean Current has designed a line of river and tidal turbines purpose-built for hostile marine conditions. The Company has built and tested four prototypes, of which two were deployed and operated safely in an environmental reserve. The first river turbine of the commercial product line is operating at the Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Test Centre in Manitoba, an area which experiences temperatures ranging from -40 Celsius to +30 Celsius.

Targeting the Remote Communities River Market – Clean Current’s river turbines compete economically without subsidies against diesel generation in remote communities. Furthermore, they offers the virtue of zero carbon emissions and no risk of oil spills.

Targeting the Shallower Tidal Market – Clean Current’s tidal turbines are purpose-built for water depths of 25 metres or less. The Company believes that the shallower tidal market will be the first to develop as the financial and technical risks are lower.

Focus on Customer Needs – The Company worked closely with power producers to develop products specifically designed to satisfy their requirements.

The Clean Current Advantage

proprietary duct design increases power output by up to 40% as compared to unducted turbines
proprietary segmented generator reduces the risk of catastrophic failure and expensive unscheduled maintenance
proprietary coatings methodology protects the critical electrical components of the generator, increasing operating life and reducing maintenance